Inspiration for Happy Mums ....

Do you have so many different roles you've forgotten who you are?  Are you forever guilty for what you are not doing?  Do you need to change your balance between your paid and unpaid work?

Why don't you stop for 5 and take a look at our free Life and Career development planning tools? 

Just a few more smiles could change your life ....

My Life Balance: A process to help you review your life balance

My Career Plan: A different way of writing your career development plan to enable a better work life balance

My Portfolio Career: A different way of balancing paid and unpaid work to get you where you want to be.

My Development Toolkit: Downloads with ideas, information and loads more

Our Ethos: 

Imagine the power of thousands of women doing one small thing to help another reach her potential?  The Mum-Life-Balance Project is just that.

We aim to develop a set of outstanding free tools to inspire and enable women around the world to get a great MLB, and to help others along the way.

We hope the changes you make as a result will touch the lives of many for the better.

E-mail us your feedback, or post on our ideas board, and let us know what you did TODAY to get a better Mum-Life-Balance.  We will NEVER share your details with anyone, and you can log in using Facebook or Yahoo, so you don't even have to share your details with us.

Help us grow the Mum-Life-Balance project into an amazing development hub inspiring and helping women realise their potential throughout the world. 

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