Oh dear, not even reached the end of January, and I find myself already in no-life-balance.com world.   I realised last week when I noticed I had 3 UI's (un-identifiable injuries) on my leg...   Used to be un-identifiable partying injuries somewhere back in my youth, but now its just bruises from bumping into tables and chairs as I rush around 10 minutes late for the school run, and fearing the 'late token' for missing the school gates!

Other symptoms include the re-emergence of scary mummy (despite my best resolutions), and the rather irritating closed loop of 'Twilight' singing away in my head as it lies on the pillow, searching around unsuccessfully for the off-switch. Maybe I should stop listening to Kiss FM on the school run?

Read a good article in the Independent the other week on happiness...  Gretchen Rubin on the Happiness Project 


I loved her tips on how to be happier, particularly the bit about doing something nice for something else, which always makes me feel great - be selfless to be selfish as she puts it.   I also thought the tip about getting a nagging job done, and spending 15 mins a day on doing something you hate, as eventually you will get the job done.

Even in my most manic full on consulting project phase I can still see how I could do the 15 mins...

So for Feb, I am going to try to bring back my ruthless corporate persona - the woman who sliced through tasks, and focussed on the really key issues...    I know I have all the skills to avoid having quite such a chaotic home life, but I'm just not so good at managing the different roles in my life ...   Most of all, I am (following reading A Time To Think, by Nancy Kline) I am going to try and build in some time to think, so I stop being quite so much a hurricane of activity, and hopefully get a bit more effective in the fewer things I do!