Early this year I lost someone special.  She was only 20, at least she knew she was loved.

So as I think about what I want to achieve this year, it was a huge kick up the back side to set myself some goals about people I love.   My first goal is to laugh with my boys every day, and make sure they know they are loved. 

Ok so this morning when I was yelling at my oldest for taking ten minutes to get his coat on, it all went down the pan a bit!   But seriously, you never know what might happen tomorrow, so now I have something to moderate my worst 'mad mum' outbreaks.

Yesterday I even went on 43 things to log my goals, and I thought this might be a great way for anyone trying the career/ life / balance planning process to help commit and also get some reminders.  


Ouch I need to do some work now ...   Bye...