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Work Life Balance - Solved in 3 Simple Steps!

Posted by Claire Hope on Thursday, February 2, 2012, In : Work Life Balance Tips 
So after my January, comes perfect life balance February.  

At work I do loads of 'strategic stuff', so why not apply the same thinking to my W L balance problem.   On giving some thought as to how I was going to make this happen, I realised I have been going about things wrong for most of my life.   So after quite a bit of contemplation - I thought of the 3 things I need to change to break the work-washing-kids-homework-taxi-double dinner-not enough sleep cycle.

1) Write my...
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My First Post on Mum-Life-Balance!

Posted by Claire Hope on Sunday, January 15, 2012,
I've been thinking about this site for ages, and just before Christmas someone said, 'stop talking about it, just do it'.  So here we are, the start of my 'small thing' to enable someone somewhere to change for the better.

I hope that people will like the concept, and the life-balance-planning tools on offer, and most importantly I hope that we get loads of feedback so the Mum-Life-Balance Project develops into something really amazing that touches the lives of men, women and children all roun...
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Finding Mum-Life-Balance

Claire Hope Just over 2 years ago, I step-changed my working life. I now have an amazing work life balance with a portfolio career full of things I do for both money and love. Mum-Life-Balance is born out of my experience of spending time with talented women who have great wisdom to share, and my wish to pass this on.