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Work Life Balance - Solved in 3 Simple Steps!

Posted by Claire Hope on Thursday, February 2, 2012, In : Work Life Balance Tips 
So after my January, comes perfect life balance February.  

At work I do loads of 'strategic stuff', so why not apply the same thinking to my W L balance problem.   On giving some thought as to how I was going to make this happen, I realised I have been going about things wrong for most of my life.   So after quite a bit of contemplation - I thought of the 3 things I need to change to break the work-washing-kids-homework-taxi-double dinner-not enough sleep cycle.

1) Write my...
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Laugh with your Kids every day ...

Posted by Claire Hope on Tuesday, January 17, 2012,
Early this year I lost someone special.  She was only 20, at least she knew she was loved.

So as I think about what I want to achieve this year, it was a huge kick up the back side to set myself some goals about people I love.   My first goal is to laugh with my boys every day, and make sure they know they are loved. 

Ok so this morning when I was yelling at my oldest for taking ten minutes to get his coat on, it all went down the pan a bit!   But seriously, you never know what might happen tom...
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Finding Mum-Life-Balance

Claire Hope Just over 2 years ago, I step-changed my working life. I now have an amazing work life balance with a portfolio career full of things I do for both money and love. Mum-Life-Balance is born out of my experience of spending time with talented women who have great wisdom to share, and my wish to pass this on.