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An 'Olymptastic' Summer

Posted by Claire Hope on Tuesday, September 4, 2012,

The news was full of rain. Full of economic doom.  Full of American Politicians behaving like kids in the playground, not to mention our own..    Unions were trying to hold the Olympics to ransom in exchange for bonuses, big companies were failing to deliver on their promises.

Suddenly an amazing thing happened.   For once we forgot to self-depricate, and just enjoyed.
  We celebrated:
* The spirit of the armed forces and volunteers
* The hard work ethic and modesty of our exceptional athletes

* ...

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How to stop shouting at my kids so much? Ideas?

Posted by Claire Hope on Monday, June 11, 2012, In : Parenting Tips 

I HATE SHOUTING.  Sometimes its good, (e.g. when they do something dangerous), but mostly its a horrid thing, only a few steps from bullying.  So why do I do it? The last week or so I've been trying to track when I get cross enough to shout and why.  I've also been talking to my friends about their shouting habits, and together we have come up with some thoughts on how to avoid shouting so much.


1) Find The Shouting Button: 

Shouting happens when they have pressed your but...

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Finding Mum-Life-Balance

Claire Hope Just over 2 years ago, I step-changed my working life. I now have an amazing work life balance with a portfolio career full of things I do for both money and love. Mum-Life-Balance is born out of my experience of spending time with talented women who have great wisdom to share, and my wish to pass this on.