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10 Ideas on How to Change your Career to get a better work life balance

Posted by Claire Hope on Sunday, May 27, 2012,
Changing career at any point in your working life journey is seldom easy, but it might not be as hard as you think.  

If you have determination, courage, and a realistic plan there is every chance that you will join many millions of mothers who have successfully travelled this path before you.  In many ways being a mother is a career change in itself, as you have suddenly acquired a whole new job description (often on top of your paid one).   You have rapidly acquired a whole different set of ...
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Flexible Working - how to start your Portfolio Career

Posted by Claire Hope on Saturday, February 25, 2012, In : Portfolio Careers 
If you are thinking about having a portfolio career, the good news is as a mother you probably already have one, and if not you certainly have the skills to do it.

A Portfolio Career is, for me just a fancy way of saying people work on a set of different things to generate their livelihood. Women have been having portfolio careers since the invention of money, through raising a family whilst trading favours/earning additional money in any way possible.  The range of moving parts that mothers h...

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Finding Mum-Life-Balance

Claire Hope Just over 2 years ago, I step-changed my working life. I now have an amazing work life balance with a portfolio career full of things I do for both money and love. Mum-Life-Balance is born out of my experience of spending time with talented women who have great wisdom to share, and my wish to pass this on.