So its the end of an amazing Diamond Jubilee weekend here in the UK.   I have, like many mothers worked hard to create some great memories for my kids, as the whole country got behind the festive spirit...    After a weekend full of village fair, raft race, Jubilee Parties, a London trip, and kids staying up late I for one am exhausted!

So I am sparing a thought for the mother of mothers ...  our Queen, who must be totally shattered after a weekend of constant dinners, ceremonies, concerts, salutes and smiling ... how does she do it?  Whether you are into the Royal Family or not, you have to take you hat off to one of the most famous mothers in the world.   She has helped her family through difficult times, experiencing happiness and pain like any mother.   

What is truly remarkable is her ability to keep her private views private, and to keep smiling, and doing her job with pride whatever the weather..   You don't hear of her moaning, or giving up, she is there putting the hours in, and giving a huge boost to her country, even though she is way past retirement age.  I wonder what kind of work-life-balance she has?

What I do know is we could all learn a thing or two from her example ... 

This weekend for me was about being part of history - we shared some of our country's history, and we made our own for our kids.  We stopped to appreciate who we are, and the opportunities given to us through being citizens of  the United Kingdom.   

 We are now looking forwards to using the flags and bunting for the Olympic Parties!