So for ages I resisted the Facebook thing ....   I always used to think that it was something for people with too much time on their hands...   Living in a world of 'infobesity', why on earth did it need another stream of information coming into my already over-cluttered in-box?

A few months ago, largely through my work, I realised I had to get with the programme, and learn about social media, so I could talk to my clients about how this fits in with their HR strategies of the future.   I have learnt loads, and actually really enjoyed the world of SEO, social networking, Pintrest, Stumble Upon getting blog feeds and particularly enjoyed reading Wikinomics  

On a grey day when life is getting on top of you, how nice is it to get your old friends, you know the ones you love to bits but only get in touch with a few times a year, hitting the LIKE key, or coming back with a one liner on something you said.   
Just one like, can be all it takes to give a little boost, and make you remember what life is about..  A quick post, and you can be in a conversation with someone you love and never quite get round to phoning.

Just as linked in has brought me un-expected work, Facebook has brought me un-expected love, and love can transform any old day into a great day.

So when your in box is so stuffed you don't know where to start, take 5 and post something on Facebook..  
The love you get back, might just be enough to tip you from a frustrated, grouchy mum into a calm, sensible professional who people love working with - who knows what new doors that could open?