“My Career is my Lifetime Journey through the world of work – sometimes its for love, sometimes for money, and sometimes its just work I have to do"

The problem with career plans is that they often encourage us to focus on the one paid job we have now.  Life just isn’t like that. How can you get a good work life balance if you don't plan it in?   There might be phases in your career when you are happy with different balances, so doing a career plan that does not include your unpaid work just doesn't make sense.

A Career is a marathon, not a sprint.   There might be times when it makes sense to walk for a while, and other times when you need to race.   Do you want to look back on your life and wish you'd spent your time more wisely?  Thinking about the whole journey and planning for different phases might make all the difference to give you the confidence to make the right decision now.




Click here to down load "My Career Plan" which guides you through how to write a balanced, personal career plan.   You can then use this to choose what you want to share with your manager at work.